Pirate Radio (The Boat That Rocked) (2009)

Really called "The Boat That Rocked", our video release "Pirate Radio" was a fun ride last night. Taking me down a trip on memory lane when I was a teenager helping a friend with a pirate radio station. Rebels, we were. These guys were something that I had always wanted to be, DJs. The music was awesome, the story was one that needed to be told, the actors were good. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and what it represented.
On the bottom side, there truly was not an "villian" in the mix. Yes, the government was trying to take down the station and the DJs, but in the end they didn't. They got a hole in their boat which wasn't that exciting, but was heartwarming to see that the "fans" cared sooo much about them to rescue their sinking ship. Unlike "Pump Up The Volume" were the feds were chasing Christian Slater. So with that, you don't feel like any one won or lost in the movie. I felt sad when all those vinyls were destroyed in the movie and hope that there was a disclaimer after the credits that said "No vinyl was harmed during the making of this movie".
One of the best (funniest) parts in the movie for me was when Young Carl was trying to save Bob Silver and Bob is trying to save his record collection. All taking place under water. He finally is allowed to take one with him and once he comes up out of the water, Dave begins to help raise them out of the water, sees the record that was grabbed and throws it back in the water saying it was crap. That would be soooo me and I had to laugh at that.
All in all, the movie was about a piece of history in BritRock and was told well... Give it a go!!!

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