Twin Peaks - Fire Walk with Me (1992)

RATING: 2.5/5
So far I am not that impressed with the pilot episode that we watched last night. It was cheesy and a little bizarre how everyone is acting. I am going to press on with the series with a couple episodes tonight.
I spent most of the time seeing all the people and finding out who they are today. We have the guy from ER who was the principal at the school and we have the devil from Reaper who was Laura's dad.

Fool's Gold (2008)

RATING: 2.5/5
Boring from the beginning, comedy almost slapstick which is not Matthew's strong point and not much romance to be a romantic comedy. The chemistry between Matthew and Kate was almost non-exsistant. The movie is so predictable that is almost hurt to watch it all. It is a treasure hunt that has all the typical ingrediants: The hero, the competition who comes to the rescue at the end and the bumbling idiots who are trying to get the treasure because they are greedy. There was nothing great about it, nothing to make it stand out but I did not hate the movie either.

The Wedding Singer (1998)

RATING: 4.5/5
The Wedding Singer is probably only one of those movies you would watch if you were killing time for another show to come on, etc... Drew is at her best here in this romantic comedy. Adam is charming, but yet annoying at times. The music is cool if you like the 80's and the movie does not take itself too seriously. It is a fun movie that is entertaining and is one of my favorites of Drew Barrymore.

D.E.B.S. (2004)

I remember watching this when it first came out on DVD and having no real clue what it was about. You know Netflix will say if you like this, you should like this. So, I tried it and we sat an watched it and liked it. Without knowing much about the story, we were surprised to find a fun entertaining story about lesbians and not take itself so serious. With that, we bought the DVD and I sat back and watched again about a year or so later and not as entertaining as the first time.
Yes, it is still fun to have decent lesbian fun movies, but when you look at it for review purposes and think about what others would think, etc... It was cheesy and poked fun at all the james bond, inspector gadget or any super spy detective stories without being slapstick. It is fairly entertaining and and had an original storyline.

Wanted (2008)

RATING: 5/5 
I have to say that I was very excited to see this movie and had been for months since I saw the trailer. My expectations were very high, and I was not disappointed.
Everyone in the movie was great. There were plot twists, action, and nudity...full of testosterone. But the one thing that I loved about it was the humor that was infused throughout the entire movie. I have not seen a action movie done this well in a very long time.
I absolutely would not change a thing. The direction was amazing, and I love that they used some lesser known Chicago landmarks. It gives me hope for other directors and location scouts to do the same thing for other cities.
I will be watching this one again...when it comes out. I do think they deserve some of my money for this one.

Men in Black (1997)

RATING: 4/5 
Fun, campy, and not at all serious, this movie was perfect for the time it came out. Although I really dislike Tommy Lee Jones and his voice annoys me, Will Smith makes the movie. He makes fun of himself and has a good time with this movie. I am glad to see it finally coming out on Blu-Ray, so I can get it and retire the laserdisc (which has disc rot). Overall this is just a entertaining fun movie to have a good time with.

Lilo & Stitch (2003)

RATING: 4/5 
I fought this movie for a long time and even thought that Stitch was an overrated Disney character that is more about hype than quality. Boy was I wrong. All hail Stitch and the characters in this Lilo & Stitch.
We borrowed this movie from Laura and finally watched it last night. I have to say I have not laughed that hard in a long time from a comedy, let alone an animated movie. At times I wanted to cry too because the story was very well written and you really felt the sadness this characters felt about the loss of family and finding happiness.
The character of Lilo is just like watching a little kid being a little kid. The dialog was well written for her and like I said, you really feel her. Disney did an excellent job with this movie and it is good see a real feel good movie that has great Disney charm.

A Guy Thing (2002)

RATING: 2/5 
I really was hoping for a better comedy based on the cast. I really like Selma Blair and Julia Stiles, but Selma was just too charming and Julia was just there. Other actors could have filled those roles and still gotten the same effect. I couldn't get involved with any of the characters and really didn't care who got together at the end. I had to add this to my Selma Blair list, so I watched it. But it will be at the bottom. Selma you have done better.

Kill Bill, Volume 2 (2004)

RATING: 3.5/5
The story is too long to tell in one movie and I enjoyed the movies together and I like the fact that you can watch one or the other or both and still be able to understand everything without each other. Vol 2 was all talk and very little action and becomes quite disappointing if you are expecting more of the same from Vol 1, like I was. Vol 2 wraps up the story and finalizes the saga of Uma Thurman's revenge and is a good ending to the story.

Kill Bill: Volume 1 (2003)

RATING: 4/5 
For me, Kill Bill Vol 1 was an excellent combination of great action sequences and just enough campiness to make this movie fun and enjoyable. I really like Quentin and the way he brings together his personal favorite things to make this movie flow without being over the top. He combines cheesy stereotypes, comic books, campy horror effects and a great cast. I really enjoyed this movie.

Beauty and the Beast (1991)

RATING: 4/5 
I will say Beauty and The Beast is not my favorite Disney movie, nor is she a favorite Princess. The movie has a good story and the anyone can get lost in the characters and believe that Mrs Potts is actually a teapot. I like the good vs evil of Disney, but didn't really think that Gaston was that evil, he just wanted Belle and would do anything to get her and obviously if the beast had her than he was be evil even though he was the good guy in the movie. The lines of who was good and who was evil were blurred, but it is an enjoyable movie.

Fantasia 2000 (1999)

RATING: 1.5/5
Understanding that Walt wanted Fantasia to be an ever evolving piece of art that would change with each release, Fantasia 2000 or something like that needed to be made. But the creators behind it did not really see Walt's true vision with this movie. The timing with music never really captured your heart or soul as the original did. It seems that they were just trying too hard and having celebrities announce and explain the sequences just broke up the movie too much and found it hard to get captivated. I would skip this movie, unless you are a Disney fan like me.

Operation Dumbo Drop (1995)

I bought this movie because I found a sealed copy on laserdisc and I originally thought this was the movie with Jeanine Garafalo, which is actually "Larger Than Life". But I watched one night while I was alone and I have to say it was not bad. It wasn't great either. The movie was entertaining and it was fun, not necessarily funny though. I did want to find out how there were going to move the elephant, so I had to watch the whole thing.
Recommendable? If you have nothing better to watch, sure go for it. But, don't go out of your way to get it.

Carmen: The Champion (2001)

RATING: 1.5/5
I only really watched this movie because of Patricia Manterola. The movie is not all bad, but it is not good either. Released as a Christian movie, it does not have all that much religion in it. The movie is all about doing the right thing and love story. On a personal note by being friends with Patty (Manterola) I have distaste for Carman now that I know how he acted behind the scenes (but that is a different story). It is a movie that almost everyone can live without. Sorry Patty!

The City of Lost Souls (Hyôryû-gai) (2000)

RATING: 1.5/5 
I had trouble following the movie. I watched it only for Patricia Manterola who had a bigger part than I thought she would have. The acting was not good and the violence seemed over done. I am going to blow the ending on this because I really do believe it was the best part. If you are a Patty fan, you must she Patty take a rifle and kill off the main characters. She looks kick ass with a gun. Super Hottie Alert!!!!

A Star is Born (1976)

RATING: 4/5 
I really wish I could watch all of the movies again that I am going to give a good review too, especially this one since it has been a long time since I have seen it. I wonder if my dad has this on dvd, but Elisabeth may kill me if she has to sit through this again.
I grew up on Babs, but will not say I am a Babs fan. I love the music in this movie and love to sing a long plain and simple. I guess I could get the same experience if I just by the soundtrack. Over all, I think it is a good movie and enjoy it every time I watch it. But please over look Babs bad perm job.

The Nanny Diaries (2007)

RATING: 2.5/5 
The movie idea was good and I heard the book was really good, so I wanted to see this movie. While Scarlett was not hard on the eyes, the movie lacked something. I couldn't get into any of the characters, so it was hard for me to feel any emotion during the movie. It seemed to be a long movie even though it was only 1 hour and half. It was slow moving and did not have me laughing or actually anything but I did not hate it.

Mulholland Drive (2001)

RATING: 2.5/5
I got the movie, things are creepy, I am not sure how they are going to bring it all togehter but understanding the plot... No wait... I AM CONFUSED!
Start to piece it all together... No wait... STILL CONFUSED!

Elisabeth explains the end... I AM STILL CONFUSED!

I don't see what Elisabeth explained. I sorta do, but not really. It seems the movie tries to explain but for average Joe, it leaves you not really getting the concept of the movie. Was I entertained is always the key factor. YES, but in a weird creepy way but that is normal for a David Lynch movie I was told. People just don't act normal. And then all of the sudden BAM! The two girls are getting it on and that always makes lesbians happy and entertained.
The next day I am still a bit confused because I really don't think they explained it well enough for me to go WHOA, that was a twist.

Jumper (2008)

RATING: 3.5/5 
Jumper is one of those movies that keeps you focused throughout the whole movie. Everything is explained throughtout the movie so you don't spend time wonder who everyone is or why they are doing it. I really rooted for the "Darth Vader" (Hayden Christensen) to not get killed and to get the girl.
I don't necessarily think we need to tell you what the movie is about because that spoils the movie if we tell you. But the whole reason I gave this is 6 in the ratings is because of the end. I will say that they never really close any story lines. The ending was like, What? I believe that they thought it was going to be good so they left it open to continue with a part 2. There is no end!!!
Visual effects were good without going overboard, plot was good, characters worked off each other well too... It had the makings of a good adventure movie but fell short in achieving it.

The Other Boleyn Girl (2008)

RATING: 4/5 
My history lesson started with Elizabeth and Elizabeth 2, so with finishing those I knew I wanted to continue with "Other Boleyn Girl" especially since it had my girl Natalie Portman in it. I like historical films if they have people I know. I don't want some made up characters back in the old days that I can not reference back. So, this made the Boleyn Girl interesting to me.
The costumes and sets were fabulous and I really did believe I could be watching them as they truly were. I was able to follow the story and the chemistry between the characters was believable. It kept me engaged the whole movie and did not even fall asleep as I usually do at a movie theater and that says a lot of me.
It has been a while since I have seen it, but now that it is out on dvd, I would like to get it Blu-Ray preferred. Definitely a keeper for the collection.

Mad Money (2008)

RATING: 3/5 
Mad Money had the potential of a good comedy to me. The cast was fabulous. Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah and Katie "Cruise" Holmes. Each one on there own can hold a movie on their own, so putting them together was a sure fire success story until you put the evil script in the mix and then it was down hill from there. **spoiler alert ahead**
These three down on there luck girls find a way to trick the system and it worked in movieland. In the real world it would not have been that easy which makes in funny stupid. The girls were not be sneaky, they truly were out in the open which makes all the supporting cast a bunch of morons to not see it and then we they get caught, the don't really get caught. What is that about?
These girls can act, let them act instead of following a long the week script and storyline. I am on the fence of weather to recommend or not. I did enjoy the movie and wanted to see how they did get caught which kept me watching to the end. But if you are excepting a kick ass comedy, it is not this one. Watch for entertainment purposes only.

Enchanted (2007)

RATING: 4.5/5 
So eventually I would have to review this movie... By far my favorite Disney movie ever and it just so happens to have Susan Sarandon as a super hottie of a villian.
Disney decided it was time to make fun of itself and it's past by creating Enchanted. Not only can you take a little piece from almost all the "princess" stories that Disney had created, but also threw in some new spice. What does happen when the cartoon world becomes real and has to deal with the modern world. Yes, the movie can be corny at times but it takes a little bit of what an old fashion musical is about (singing and dancing for no reason).
Susan Saradon as Queen Narissa is absolutely fabulous and once again super hottie. McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey) plays the real life hero and Corney Collins (James Marsden) plays the prince that doesn't get the girl (oops, I spoiled it... or did I???) All the characters and cast flowed perfect with each other and the Blu-Ray edition rocks!!!

The Banger Sisters (2002)

RATING: 4.5/5 
Goldie Hawn and Susan Sarandon work very well together on The Banger Sisters as opposites. Goldie is the still rebellious free-spirit and Susan is the uptight conformed housewife who in their youth used to be groupies for rock bands in the 60's. Their chemistry works throughout the movie because they truly remind you of how you picture them in real life. Plus, it reminds me of my life in way. Me and my friends used to chase the celebrities in the 80's and 90's, I have moved on and my friends really haven't.
The daughters in the movie were really good, Erika Christensen and Eva Amari (Susan's real life daughter). I can't really complain about the movie much, except for the storyline between Goldie and her hitchhicker friend, but you can tell it was needed bring the two girls together. Over all, this is a good fun comedy without the slapstick.

National Treasure 2 : Book of Secrets (2007)

RATING: 3.5/5 
I decided to review this one first because I saw it on the list first. National Treasure 2 plain and simple was not as good as the first. It is like geocaching, different treasure, different location, same action... It was fun to watch and it wasn't boring enough to give it a low rating. With this version, I couldn't tell what was historical fact and what was just made up since I am not a history buff.
And just when you think the movies is going to end like 2-3 times, they keep it going on and on. It seemed a bit long. My recommendation would be watch it if you liked National Treasure. If you are on the line about it, they skip the sequel.

Riding in Cars with Boys (2001)

This movie could be the survival guide to white trash women everywhere, but I really to like this movie even though I am not white trash.
Drew takes on a journey that starts with a mistake of getting hooked up with a loser and gets knocked up. Trying to do the right thing, the get married and it goes downhill from there. She can't finish school because of the baby, honey goes from one job to the next trying to make ends meat and if he would stop drinking there probably would have been money and food. After seeing her life go from good to gutter, all she wants to do is finish school, get a job and try to pull herself on to the street at least and having a kid to care for doesn't help.

So, that is the movie in a nutshell. What I like about it is the fact that it seems like a true story. Nothing seems to have been taken to an extreme to be unrealistic. It is not a happy story and you don't feel good about the movie and the characters. The movie does drag a bit in the middle, but leads you to the emotional end of the movie that will have you and your box of kleenex working over time as Drew and her grown-up son hash out his childhood, which is all worth it. I recommend this movie to chicks...

Freddy Got Fingered (2001)

RATING: 1/5 
The only reason I even attempted to watch this movie was because of Drew Barrymore, which I am sure the only reason she was in this was for Mr Tom Green. I really think she felt sorry for him. The $13M it made were truly from the Drew fans that hoped it would be decent. We were ALL WRONG!
I think within the first 20 minutes, I was so grossed out and appalled at what was going on in the movie that it set the course for the rest of the movie. Not only did he sexual abuse animals, I felt a little violated myself.
This movie was a big pile of crap that needs to be flushed quickly. My recommendation would be the avoid at all costs.

Never Been Kissed (1999)

I figured that I would start a my review process with all my favorites. So, I am starting with Drew Barrymore, who has been my top favorite actress since Poison Ivy. Drew is an incredible actress and since here come back has worked hard to stay clean and release good fun movies, like Never Been Kissed.

Never Been Kissed is the perfect romantic comedy in my book. It has all the ingredients for a classic. Not only does this movie make you happy, but it makes you cry and even makes you hate Jessica Alba, which is hard to do since she is so hot (not in this movie though). Drew is cute in this movie (not Charlie's Angels sexy) which helps identify with her character. She was girl who was a nerd in school (which we get to see her in braces) who grows up to be a newspaper writer and goes undercover in a high school to get close to the kids of today. During the movie, we get to see her make fun of herself with just the right amount of slapstick. She has to make friends with the "cool kids" even though she automatically gravitates to the "nerds", falls in love, breaks his heart and even gets high for the first time.

Does it end up with a happy ending for the people who haven't since it? HELLO? It would be a drama if she didn't. Like I said, the perfect romantic comedy. :up:

The Brave One (2007)

RATING: 1/5 
Part of our movie weekend included The Brave One with Jodie Foster. Ugh. It was interesting. I truly didn't care for any character in the film. I always wondered why they didn't dig more into why the 2 main people in the movie were so drawn to each other, other than the loss of their loved ones (from 2 different reasons). We didn't get much back story to either of their lives, so it was hard to see why they would be so drawn to each other.
The whole entire thing lost me. I got it, but I didn't. Jodie Foster is a remarkable actress, and I will watch anything that has her in it, but this one just was not that good. I think I will actually blame it on the screenplay though. The actors were good, but the whole entire story wasn't. I get the concept of being a victim and being so afraid that the only thing you feel good about is exacting revenge on those less fortunate than yourself. But can you base a whole movie around it? I truly didn't think so.
And while I did watch the entire thing...I don't think I will be watching it again. Even for one of my favorite actresses of all time.

Spider-Man 3 (2007)

RATING: 2.5/5 
On our weekend of movie watching, we rented 4 movies: Dan In Real Life, The Brave One, Cloverfield and... damn I forgot the other movie. What was that other movie we rented. Racking my brain to figure out what other movie we watch, I came up empty handed. So, I asked Elisabeth and she did exactly what I did and came up with... NOTHING!
After a short period of time being annoyed that we could not remember what movie we watched, we finally figured it out. SPIDERMAN 3. This sums up the whole concept of the review. It was not memorable enough to remember I watched it. Much of the time, I spent asking myself why are there soooo many story lines in one movie. I got lost focusing of Spidy going bad, the sand man coming, the spawn taking over Eric Foreman from That 70's Show, MJ and her neediness and the spat between Peter and his best friend.
I know I have seen all the Spiderman movies now, but again don't ask me about the first or the second. They were just as memorable. So, the plus side of the movie is that is stays in line with the other two... FORGETABLE!

Dan in Real Life (2007)

RATING: 3/5 
On our list of movies this weekend was Dan In Really Life. I had been wanting to see this for a couple weeks now and I moviefest began with this one.

Over all I was on the fence with this movie. I had higher hopes for it after seeing Evan Almighty and Little Miss Sunshine. Previews of the movie made we want to see it, but most of the funny was in the previews. I felt the movie had a lot of down time and it did not have that feel good vibe to it that you get from a movie.
Steve Carell played his part perfectly and could ask for better acting for this movie. Diane Wiest, the mother, was charming in the movie. My raspberry goes out to the middle daughter whose story line borderlined on annoying.

Would I recommend the movie to my family and friends? YES. I was entertained by the movie and really wanted to know how it ended.

WALL-E (2008)

RATING: 5/5 
So I was one of the fortunate ones to see Wall-E this week. I have to say, for all the hype Disney and Pixar has created for this movie over the last couple of years, it left me wanting more. I have heard it being called Short Circuit 3, and while I can see the similarities, I think there are enough differences to make it stand out on it's own without any comparisons to ideas already hashed out in the movies. I am only going to relay things about the movie, not what happens in the actual movie.
Now, I love almost all of the Pixar movies. This one stood out in the direction and new ideas of blending reality and animation. They pushed the boundaries where they have never gone before and I was quite impressed with that. Wall-E is quite endearing in so many ways, you almost tend to forget he is just a robot. We found ourselves laughing with him, and getting happy when he became the hero. I don't think I have ever been so engaged in an animated picture before, let alone a Disney movie.
The story itself was interesting...someone from our group said it was quite offensive to fat people (and you will totally see what I mean when you see it), but I found it offensive to Americans in general. We have been stereotyped in this movie, but the meaning behind it was a good one. I see what the writer/director was trying to accomplish. The question is...will anyone truly see it and make the changes necessary? We see the future as it will become if we continue on the path we are currently taking.
Pixar has truly left me a fan yet again, and for those out there that love a love story mixed with humor and sensitivity , then this is for you. I honestly couldn't find much fault with this movie, which kind of surprises me, because I can find fault with any movie. I really loved it from beginning to end.
As a side note...the price of admission alone is for the short. Pixar amazes me with their short films at the beginning of every movie, and this one outdoes the rest of them hands-down. It is by far the best short they have ever come up with, and it had the entire audience laughing along. Now, if they would put that one into a full-length feature...that would be something.

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