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Mac and Me (1988)

Jenny - RATING: 2.5/5
This movie is just a wanna-be E.T. with some many similarities... an addition to a human consumption item, destroying things to make other things, an injured or sick boy who needs to be healed by the alien. and a chase to get the alien back to it's family. It was not original at all and none of the characters were that likable.

Bambi (1942)

Jenny - RATING: 3/5
I have not seen this movie since I was young and watching now I realized that truly there is no story to this movie, no plot, no real sense of story except that of the circle of life. I am glad that they made the characters true animals instead of having them more like people; it kept it real. We watched the commentaries with it, which always is fun with Disney because you learn so much of the creation of it as well as touching on other movies at the same time. The Blu-Ray on this is fabulous, the transfer is excellent. If you get a chance, listen to it with commentary.

Elisabeth - RATING: 3.5/5
Watched this with the storyboard and sweatroom commentary from the blu-ray. It really made the difference hearing the running ideas from Walt and the director and animators. The quality in the transfer was really clean and the new 7.1 surround was wow. They really made a great blu-ray edition with this and I can't wait to see the cool features on the next sets.

Almost Famous (2000)

Jenny - RATING: 5/5
This is one of my top 10 favorite movies, probably my top 5. I have reviewed this movie before but again to say that it is probably the movie the hit most home with me as I was "William Miller" in the late 80's and early 90's with the latin american pop music scene. I wanted to be a music writer and I made friends with the artists like he did. It was a part of my life that I hold dear and can totally relate. It is fabulous movie that never gets old.

Elisabeth - RATING: 4/5
I really like this movie. It shows a side of touring that most of us would have never seen. I like that it is sort of brutally honest about the goings on. I have only seen this movie once before and I liked it then. Fast forward to 5-6 years later, and it is still a great movie.

Monsters (2010)

Jenny - RATING: 2/5
Nothing impressed me or moved me in this movie and the whole kiss at the end seemed like they just need a forced closure for the film. It was long and drawn out for no true fear of these "monsters" and once in the US it almost seemed like the E.T.'s we not to be feared cos they didn't try to really hurt the two main characters. They never seemed to be in danger so I felt nothing for them.

Elisabeth - RATING: 2/5
I hadn't seen an alien movie move this slow since Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I don't even have much to say about this movie, other than it could have been so much better.

Never Let Me Go (2010)

Jenny - RATING: 4/5
How would I feel if I knew my life could end at any moment? They could take away a vital organ and I would be done... That is what this movie did; it made me think about loving someone or something especially with a glimmer of hope that you could stop it, and living your short life like that. Every moment is precious even if you are born to donate. This was an all around good movie that evokes thoughts on your own life.

Elisabeth - RATING: 5/5
Such a heart-wrenching movie on all levels. Everything about this movie was just perfect in my opinion. The cinemaphotography, the acting, the direction...everything. I hadn't felt quite so heartbroken for all of the characters in a movie in a very long time. Just the looks they gave spelled so much grief and knowing that it wouldn't last long. That is sad...I think even if you don't get the movie, you can't help feeling something by the end of it.

Network (1976) - AFI Top 100 #64

Jenny -RATING 4/5
Drama, humor and a bit of truth to it all, Network was an awesome two hours of entertainment about the world of television, reality tv and news. Faye Dunaway plays an awesomely strong woman in a man's world of television 70's. Acting was superb, story was great. I can see why this is one of the Top 100 AFI films. Excellent. I saw this when I was younger, way younger, but don't remember lots of it. Can appreciate it more now as an adult.

Elisabeth - RATING: 4/5
Great movie. It is always interesting to see how things were done back in the day of TV Networks. It really gives you an understanding of how it all meshes together, where ideas come from and what it takes to get the ever-elusive top rating. Everything about this movie was spot on and I honestly don't think I would change anything other than the "love" story between the two people...that just wasn't necessary, but it gave us insight into a modern vs old-school way of thinking about things. What was funny, was when they were playing the Life commercial at the end, Jenny and I could quote the entire thing as they played it...and well...the whole movie just made its point.

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