Meet Us

Elisabeth and I are gearing up for 2011 Movie Tally... Tracking all the movies we have seen in 2011. It is a rough endeavor but we watch a ton of movies and I know I would like to see how many movies we watch in a year. So, here is our little tally blog and we are really looking forward to it.
Jenny - @TheLDHunter (twitter) the one with the funky colored hair. Worked at a mom and pop video store at 14, then became a Blockbuster manager in my 20s. No longer working video stores, I still love watching movies.
Elisabeth - @Elisabethwithns (twitter) loves Japanese horror, British comedy, and everything in between as long as its good. Plus, we are Disney dorks and practically make Walt Disney World our second home.

This 2011 movie tally should be fun... Keep to this site for our movie counts and our views on the movies we watch.

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