Gandhi (1982)

RATING: 4.5/5
Long but not drawn out... Even though you could see what scenes were not necessary, you could tell why they were put in. I enjoyed learning about a man that I had heard of, but never knew. Ben Kingsley did a fabulous job and kept me hooked on this epic film and how India grew, yet I did not not feel like I was in History class.

Terminator Salvation (2009)

I am torn on this of weather I liked it or not. I loved the first and second ones, plus I enjoyed The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but this movie was so fast and so long that I lost myself so many times and had no time to absorb that I saw. Now that could be a bad thing and a good thing for people, but for me… that was too much action and I never thought I would ever hear those words out of my mouth.
The story jumps ahead to 2018 with a new form of Terminators are around, again. Basically, it is the same… fighting the machines for power and we were left with the story being unfinished, again… and was left open for a new character to help John Connor fight. So, for me there was nothing special about it but the special effects were awesome, visually stimulating and sound was loud.

Shutter Island (2010)

Straight off, I have to say that I was a tad disappointed in the movie that the previews portrayed as a thriller. This was nothing like a thriller, it was more of a mystery that is trying to be solved.
I love Leonardo DiCaprio and this movie was an excellent example of his acting abilities, but the movie itself was slow and a little too long. The plot leaves a lot to be interpreted on your own, there is no clear cut lines to finish the movie, which was a tad disappointing but good at the same time cause you can think and come to your own conclusions. I was a good movie, but I was expecting more thriller for my dollar.

The Book of Eli (2010)

RATING: 3.5/5
I am really gonna stop saying this about movies, I don’t usually pay any attention to previews or read about movies before seeing them. If the box cover looks good or someone recommends it or if there is a person I like in it… I will watch it. So again… I did not know that this movie was about prior to going in to it, if I had I probably would have skipped it because any movie that seems to have a religious undertone, I skip. My personal preference, but yes I know… I miss so many good movies and would have missed this phenomenal movie.
This post apocalyptic drama/action held my interest after knowing that he was the only person carrying a bible and that they madman in town wanted it. The three man characters were truly believable… and Mila Kunis was super hot all dirtied up. So, hottie alert. The sound was truly amazing and we felt like we were there with them, the film direction was superb. Overall awesomeness is the consensus on this movie in my house.

Clash of the Titans (2010)

RATING: 3.5/5
Without seeing the original 80’s version, I did not know what to expect going into this movie except a lot of fighting. This Greek mythology flick was enjoyable up until the end of the movie where it seemed like there was so much build up to him beating Hades and his demons, where the final battle seemed to be a let down. I found the scorpions in the first fight much more enjoyable.
Watching this in full surround, I found that the audio on the blu-ray was not all that impressive either. The picture was awesome, the filming and art direction was fantabulous, but there was just this overall let down of the movie. Everyone tells me that it follows the original very close, just updated special effects and better acting. I will be the judge of that when I get the 80’s version on laserdisc one day.

Kick-Ass (2010)

When I saw the trailer on this, I wanted to see it but I thought it was going to a lame super hero movie like Mystery Men or Watchmen (Yes, I thought Watchmen was boring), but because it was teens, I thought it might be half way decent. OMG! It was much better than I expected it to be.
The writing was fabulous, a combination of comedy and serious superhero action… the characters were amazing and everyone did a fantastic job, especially Hit Girl, who truly made the movie. Kick-Ass (the character) was perfect as a nervous nerd who thought it was cool to be a superhero and got in over his head. Together everyone took the impossible and created a story and world that become possible.
Still, no superhero movie should ever be taken seriously and this movie is no exception. Go into it as a good night of fun and you won’t be disappointed.

The Warriors (1979)

RATING: 4.5/5
When I was growing up and working in the video store, I would see this VHS box cover and I was literally afraid of this movie. Maybe it was baseball players with bats and painted faces, but I was. Then I forgot all about this movie until I started following a bunch of movie people on twitter, who were talking about this movie and how wonderful it was, so I decided to give it a chance. I picked it as one of my free Blu-Rays with the purchase of my blu-ray player, so I pulled it out of my collection and sat for the first time to watch it.
I am glad that I selected this movie cause I absolutely loved it. I can see where this is a hate or love movie though. The story was so very simple… A gang is on the run trying to get to their home turf when they are accused of doing something they didn’t do. The Warriors were bad ass when they needed to be, but they seemed to have morals cause they didn’t seem to be out to get anyone or destroy anything like the others. They just wanted to get home.
It was a good look at gangs and how they interact with each other, the blu-ray conversion was awesome, and it was filmed simplistically and did not need high tech special effects to be awesome. I think this movie has boosted itself up in my fave movie list.

The Oh in Ohio (2006)

RATING: 3.5/5
Not truly knowing what I was getting into, I watched The OH in Ohio purely based on the cast. I am a fan of Paul Rudd’s and with Parker Posey, how could I go wrong, right?
Truly, I didn’t. The movie had a interesting storyline about a woman who has never had an orgasm in her life and when she finally does, she becomes obsessed with the object of your orgasm (A vibrator… then Danny Devito). The laughs were plentiful, great script and well acted. I was surprised cause I was expecting a dud of a movie, but inside came out entertained for about 90mins or so. It was a very short movie (or felt like it).
I definitely recommend it for some lighthearted fun.

Inception (2010)

This was a friggin awesomely awesome movie that is beyond words. I was so utterly confused, but as it went on and on I became less confused only to find myself more confused at the end. This movie is a subject of debate between my girlfriend and I cause she could read into the movie more than I could and just when I think that I just say I enjoyed this movie a lot, she comes and tries to analyze it. Which sucks. Blah. But I have to say that this, this has to be the best movie this year.

The Fog (1980)

Finally watched the original The Fog tonight and my feelings are a bit mixed on it because I enjoyed the remake, which was basically about nothing and had no major story line, whereas the original truly did. There was a clear cut defining reason that the fog and crazies existed.
When I was little, in elementary school, I had seen the commercials and ads for the movie and we would run around in the fog on the baseball field and crash our friends when it was really thick and I was a bit scared of it. Glad I didn’t actually see the movie or I would have been afraid of it like I was laying in bed thinking Jason was underneath it with a machete. But as an adult, I found the story was good but it seemed to fall short at the end when it was just over. There was this build up and they seemed to just go away with out much bloodshed or force. It was like “poof”, you’re gone.

After.Life (2009)

RATING: 3.5/5
Justin Long, Christina Ricci and Liam Neeson star in this not so promoted psychological thriller about a funeral home director, who can talk to the dead and the dead dealing with their after life. Christina Ricci, plays a dead girl coming to grips with her death in time for her funeral service and burial. While her fiancé, Justin Long, is in denial and does not believe that she is dead. The movie leaves us with the question of was she really dead or was she still alive.
Since most of the movie takes place in the embalming room, Christina Ricci spent most of the movie naked, which I personally enjoyed. LOL. The movie was suspenseful at times, enjoyable and thought provoking. A good movie for an afternoon watch.

I Love You Beth Cooper (2009)

RATING: 3.5/5
Better than anticipated, I Love You Beth Cooper was a teen graduation day gone wrong when the biggest school nerd confesses his love to the head cheerleader in front of the whole school and it is a mad chase of cat and mouse as Beth Cooper’s military boyfriend is out to get him. Yes, it has all been done before, but throw in the token “closeted” gay best friend, whose movie quotes make me almost wet my pants, and you got a movie that was enjoyable from beginning to end.

Couples Retreat (2009)

I have never been a Vince Vaughn fan and more movies that he is in turn out to be a waste of time, but Couples Retreat was a nice change of pace. Lighthearted, not too much sex or sex talk, funny and sweet, this movie was about four very different couples, who have four very different problems, who go on a couples vacation and didn’t realize that they were going to be going through therapy in paradise. The script was well written, the jokes weren’t too adult or over the top which kept the slapstick to a minimum. Although it was not a great movie, it wasn’t a waste of time.

Videodrome (1982)

RATING: 3.5/5
A psychological twister of a movie left me confused but then not really. Not sure what was real and what was not, the storyline was interesting in enough to follow even though I probably would have like to see more of Debby Harry’s BDSM fantasy. Had some good spots of gruesome and lots of sexual innuendos for the pervies.

The Secret (2007)

Based on the description given to me by Netflix, I was under the assumption that daddy and daughter (possessed by mommy) were gonna get it on… BLAH! No one got it on and I was a little sad. The concept of movie was awesome. Mom and daughter were in a car accident, mom’s soul or spirit is transferred into the daughter’s body and mom dies. Almost like a Freaky Friday, the mom living in her daughter’s body finds out the good and the bad of her daughter’s life and begins to understand teenagers.
Although the movie was good, it was slow moving and very hard to fit into a category other than drama. There was no thrill, it wasn’t a mystery per se, nor was it a supernatural movie. I wish there would have been more of a mystery to solve of why the mother was inhabiting her daughter, but there wasn’t and mom just kinda went away after “understanding” her daughter but doing drugs. Lame, yes… Overall, the movie did not suck and I would recommend as a kill time kinda movie.

Fright Night (1985)

RATING: 3.5/5
Taking it back to the 80’s this movie had all the cheese factors of a not so gruesome horror movies at that time. The movie is about a kid who witnesses a murder next door to him by a vampire and he is out to prove that his neighbor is a vampire and enlists the help of his girlfriend, best friend and television host, similar Elvira. Together they investigate and bring out of the worst in the neighbors, their vampire selves.
All the 80’s special effects were in tact and so was techno disco music that filled the movie. It was fun, enjoyable, and is not to be taken seriously. Fright Night was fun and am looking forward to Fright Night II.

Stan Helsing (2009)

RATING: 1.5/5
After Scary Movie, I have been put off by parody movies ever since. But my love for movies like Airplane and Naked Gun made me want to watch this because of Leslie Nielson. Based on the new classic horrors like Freddy, Jason, Chucky, etc… this movie is just like all the others with nothing special to it. Lots of sexual innuendos and jokes, unbelievable events, yet this one did not have a lot of cussing in it. Yaay.
Unfunny jokes ran thick, leaving me only to really laugh when the “monsters” got on stage to sing karaoke to The Village People, changing the YMCA to STAN. Lame, lame and more lame… this movie was a waste of my morning. Blah.

Who's That Girl? (1987)

Who’s That Girl was a weird trip down memory lane watching a young Madonna playing a young naive, almost dumb child like character. The story is just plain boring but out of all the Madonna movie’s I have seen, this one was right were it was supposed to be, at the bottom. There was no purpose to this movie other than to have a reason for the title song.
I didn’t laugh, was bored and knew that everything in this movie was impossible. What a waste of a laserdisc, which was what I watched the movie in.

Eraser (1996)

It is nice to see Vanessa Williams as a helpless victim instead of the heartless soul that she has been recently in this action suspense movie with Arnold Swarzneggar. In traditional Arnold form, this movie had all the obligatory heavy artillery, explosions, blasts, car chases, and more. It wouldn’t be a movie with out him pushing his way through walls and floors.
There was one funny part that made me laugh out loud; Arnold walks into a gay bar and is checked out by all the queens in the room. It was hilarious. The movie story has been done over and over again, but it never gets old. I enjoyed the movie on VHS, wish I had on laserdisc but this movie has been notorious for laserdisc rot and should be avoided. Oh well… Over all, enjoyed!

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

RATING: 3.5/5
I am still not too understanding of the movie yet, have not found a true purpose. I dont think this movie is meant to be understood… I will say that for a first time watcher of this movie, I was visually stimulated by the visionary that was Kubrick for this film. Watched on blu-ray the transfer was amazing, you could not tell the difference between a movie from today to this from 1968, not even the people took me back. The picture was perfectly clear and sound was superb. The graphics and space were beyond that of Star Wars.
My conversation with Elisabeth while watching took us to the depiction of what they thought the world would be and what it is. My question remains, did they get it correct or did we adapt our world of today based on the ideas of the visionaries. Now, I don’t want to get in a discussion about chickens and eggs, but like video telephones… Do we have them because those people thought about it first… same with furniture, do our contemporary designs exist because that was what they thought it would be so we created it because of it. I don’t know…
This movie is far more complex than my little brain can handle… Don’t know if I am ready to watch 2010 though. We will see… until then, let me stick with land instead of space.

The New Daughter (2009)

RATING: 3.5/5
Kevin Costner with a gun on the front of it is always fun, though it was weird to see what was happening to his daughter. It would have been better to see what she was actually doing, instead of figuring it out at the same time the characters did. It made it less suspenseful. But overall, it was good.

The Killer Inside Me (2010)

RATING: 3.5/5
Casey was wickedly good as a guy who took his obsession for rough sex a little too far. Kate and Jessica were superb as the victims of this crazed sheriff. Although some of the scenes were too intense for me to watch, I can't take them showing the actual abuse, they were necessary in order to get the full intensity of this movie.

The Last Song (2010)

RATING: 3.5/5
Ok, so I know I will be getting grief for this review but wow… This movie was… Ugh. an hour too long. Yes, it was nice to have almost two hours of Miley Cyrus, but it does not make up for the fact that this is Nicholas Sparks doing what he does best… Depress us. It was slow, boring and not that great of a story. The directing was horrible, do we truly need to see the light glowing around Miley from the church window for us to know that she had a moment of clarity or does Shankman really think the Americans are that stupid?
As for Miley, I didn’t see much of a character reach for her. So she wasn’t wearing a wig, but there was not much depth for her to show us she has talent. The character was just blah. Nothing special to make Miley shine and I have to say… Miley don’t force the tears when your “dad” dies, it is okay… it hard to cry on command. LOL.
As for the infamous Liam… I did do my obligatory “I hate you Liam” looks for my girlfriend and my HM friends. He aint all that, his acting isn’t that good and the movie world would not be missing anything if he went back to Australia and retired. LOL.
As for the movie in general, it is okay… nothing to write home about.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009)

RATING: 1.5/5
So, since I tweeted the movie… I will post all my tweets as my review cause you will know what I thought of the movie then
Watching New Moon… This is horrible. I can not believe I am watching this. Oh, Dakota Fanning for being a new obsession
oh how he sparkles… I want some to sparkle for me… oh wait… Here’s some pixie dust
Oh the slow motion strut. Edward sooooooo sucks. Oh wait. He is a vampire
OMG these vampires are sooooo stupid. Why would anyone like Twilight. UGH
Kristen Stewart is soooo desperate. Oh dont leave… I am nothing without you. *tear* That is right… you are NOTHING!!!!
October, november, december… three months of sitting in a window. Oh really? The night terrors because the vampire left. REALLY? PLEASE!!!
Now Edward is a ghostly spirit… Can this movie get any dumber?
Now that was good. When Bella falls off the motorcycle. HAHAHHA I loved it
First shirtless Jacob scene… Did nothing for me.
Next scene… No injury on bella’s head. Wow. Instaheal because she’s Bella.
Short haired shirtless jacob… wet… bella… wet… “It’s not you, it’s me.” Oh, just fuck her and get it over with.
Without Jake I can’t stand it… OH the tragedy. And Edward sparkling in the field of flowers. He is such a fairy.
An hour in and still no dakota fanning. COME ON!!!!
Oh the puppies are here. Now the fun begins.
Dude… Bella ain’t all that. What do they see in her?
Puppy fight over a girl… hehehee
Yaaay and now she is sinking to the bottom… Die biotch die.
Snuggle time… Jacob saved me, now I must sleep with him and make cute little puppies of my own
oh bestiality at its finest… Bella and Jacob. Oh, puppy love!
Jacob/Taylor has a huge nose… the better to smell you with….
Now off to Brazil? Bella is such a jetsetter. Don’t forget food and water for the pup you leave behind.
Edward so not good looking… ugh
Please put your white back on oh pale one….
Oh its about time my little dakota fanning. Turn me little one, please!!!!
God this movie is sooooo long. I can see 1.5hrs I could have cut off of this movie
*gasp* no…not marriage!!!! Oh the end of my 2hrs of pain… And that was my #twilight tweets for the day.

Green Street Hooligans (2005)

RATING: 3.5/5
More and more as the movie progressed, you became more connected with the characters and felt something for how they lived and were raised. It was a bit rough at the beginning to follow cause it jumped from one thing to another. I am not good with languages, so the british was bit much for me to understand… I should have used subtitles, but still might not of know what the slang meant, which was used quite a lot by the locals. Elijah was way too pretty to be beaten up and had a hard time seeing him tough, but overall by the end of the story I was enjoying the movie.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2010)

The only reason I decided to watch cause I have a crush on Hit Girl from Kick Ass and well, she is in this; but I found that the movie made me laugh so hard it was ridiculous. I am not a “laugh out loud” kind of person, but many knee slapping out bursts came during the film. It is geared toward young boys, but was quite entertaining. If you want a good light hearted movie for a Sunday afternoon, this is the movie.

Van Helsing (2004)

Dracula, Frankstein and the Wolfman come together in a non-stop action adventure where Van Helsing, a monster hunter, is sent to Transylvania to stop Dracula from killing Anna Valerious, the last member of a four century old family who has been trying to rid the world of him so that their family can get into heaven.

Passing through the campyness of their take on the old horror movies, the filmmakers took liberties with the stories by combining the characters into one. I don't think this movie was truly meant to be extraordinary, but more free. With cartoonish CGI effects, gargoyle hatching alien sacks, a homemade monster that just wants a friend, and werewolves, whose skin fly off them instead of just growing hair, the storyline was not that bad. The movie kept me wanting to follow along, despite the head shakes in disbelief.

Hugh Jackman's portrayal of Van Helsing seemed to be a cross between his Wolverine character and Crocodile Dundee, Dracula appeared to be overacted, but I truly think the film makers got it right by having our first glimpse of Kate Beckinsale be in the form of her tush, which they liked to focus on and her breasts making the movie a joy to watch.

Overall, if it wasn't for Kate Beckinsale, we would not own this movie... but it is not a movie I would skip, the fight scenes are a bit intense and keep you glued til the end.

When in Rome (2010)

I didn't find anything special about this movie, nothing stood out, but it wasn't a bad film. Characters were a little far fetched and Josh Duhamel will always be Tad Hamilton to me, so anything he is in will automatically be ruined.

The Love Guru (2008)

Every bad thing that could be in this movie was… The worst sex jokes, Justin Timberlake, spoofs from different movies, Justin Timberlake, bad singing… and did I say Justin Timberlake?
Ok, so Justin wasn’t all that bad… the bad singing made up for itself with an fun Bollywood ending, the spoofs were good enough to be funny, the sex jokes were annoyingly funny… and did I say Justin wasn’t all that bad?
I laughed out loud which was good and I didn’t get annoyed by all the things I hate about these types of movies. Over all, it was better than most satire comedies even if it was a Mike Myers movie…

Did You Hear About the Morgans? (2009)

I must either not like Sarah Jessica Parker, or I don’t like Sarah Jessica Parker. I don’t know what it is about this woman, but in my opinion, she can’t act and all her characters are pretty much the same. Hugh Grant is someone I could take or leave.
The storyline was cute and not what was expected, even though it was a romantic comedy, it wasn’t that chick flicky that I wanted to vomit. There wasn’t much to the movie, so I was not disappointed but was not that impressed either.

Old Dogs (2009)

Walt Disney does it again with a family movie that is not too family for adults with John Travolta and Robin Williams, who are two friends that find out one of them has kids and it is time for these “old dogs” to grow up and be responsible figures for the kids. It is good that they touch on the innuendos that these two guys could be homosexual lovers.
The guys did a great job and did not have to rely too much on slapstick to be funny for kids, but it seemed to be more like a Travolta family reunion having to deal with John, Kelly and Ella. Plus it was nice to see Bernie Mac.

Shark Attack in the Mediterranean (2004)

RATING: 2.5/5
Picked by a few of my twitter buddies, Shark Attack in The Mediterranean is a made for TV movie in Germany that geared to be their version of Jaws. Because of the made for TV part, the lack gore, even the slightest bit, was very obvious and took this movie from horror to suspense; but lacked suspense.
In this 90 minute movie, we see probably only about 10 minutes of actual shark, which looked more like Jabberjaw than Bruce, and when they showed shark underwater, he didn’t look much larger than a real great white, yet they storyline tells us that it is a megalodon that is 5 times larger than the largest great white, especially when they pulled a tooth from a boat and the guy needed two hands to carry it.
Despite the lack of scariness and awesome special effects, the story of using DNA to create this killer shark by hand was not to bad. The dubbing was not the greatest, but I don’t think much dubbing is; it sounded more like a book being read to me than people acting. BUT… in between the bad and the badder, was Germany’s pop icon Jeanette Biedermann’s cameo singing “Do The 69” on the beach during the movie’s climatic scenes.

Repo Men (2010)

RATING: 3.5/5
Picked by a few of my twitter buddies, Shark Attack in The Mediterranean is a made for TV movie in Germany that geared to be their version of Jaws. Because of the made for TV part, the lack gore, even the slightest bit, was very obvious and took this movie from horror to suspense; but lacked suspense.
In this 90 minute movie, we see probably only about 10 minutes of actual shark, which looked more like Jabberjaw than Bruce, and when they showed shark underwater, he didn’t look much larger than a real great white, yet they storyline tells us that it is a megalodon that is 5 times larger than the largest great white, especially when they pulled a tooth from a boat and the guy needed two hands to carry it.
Despite the lack of scariness and awesome special effects, the story of using DNA to create this killer shark by hand was not to bad. The dubbing was not the greatest, but I don’t think much dubbing is; it sounded more like a book being read to me than people acting. BUT… in between the bad and the badder, was Germany’s pop icon Jeanette Biedermann’s cameo singing “Do The 69” on the beach during the movie’s climatic scenes.

The Ghost Writer (2010)

RATING: 3.5/5
For my first Roman Polanski, we decided on the new release The Ghost Writer. A very long (2.5hr) movie about a ghost writer (Ewan Mcgregor) who was hired to help write the memoirs of a former British Prime Minister (Pierce Brosnan), but when the Ex-PM gets accused of terrorism, the ghost writer begins to dig and uncovers truths about what is truly going on.
Now the movie comes off as it would be suspenseful thriller, but it wasn’t at all like that. It was an awesome movie, but was told with such calm and peacefulness that I did not feel stressed while the ghost writer was figuring it all out. I found that it did not need to be in order to be good, more like a mystery than a suspense. Every scene had a purpose and I did not feel like there was that much filler therefore I was not bored, which is good for me.

Chloe (2009)

Now this… OMG! This was one hot movie. I am such a Amanda Seyfried whore right now and hooking her up with Julianne Moore, who I also love, was just a wet dream away from being my favorite movie. It was like a lesbian fatal attraction, almost. The acting was amazing, story was good… Totally need own this.

Salt (2010)

I honestly thought I would not like this movie and was only going to see it because we had free tickets to see in the theater before opening weekend and because Elisabeth wanted to see it. It was nothing of what I excepted and had enough twists and turns to make it not so predictable. Lots of action and really not a lot of down time. James Bond meets Mission Impossible.

The Runaways (2010)

The movie was incredible, the girls were awesome and deserve awards. I hate Kristen Stewart with a passion, but I was so wrapped up in the movie that I couldn’t tell it was her. Dakota Fanning was soooo not Dakota. There really wasn’t much I didn’t like about it, except that they made it seem like the band was not around as long as it was, but the end gives you those statements of where are they now, so it helps to understand time. They did a great job filming the sexual relationship of the two main characters without having to see nudity, which shows (to me) great film making.

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