Creatures from the Pink Lagoon (2007)

RATING: 1.5/5
Can I get that 70 minutes back of my life??? Found on Netflix in the Gay & Lesbian streaming section, the premise of the movie had promise but failed as a small theater group from Seattle with probably only a camcorder and a script filmed this movie about Gay Zombies.
In the movie, a group of "confirmed bachelors" met up at a summer lake house for drinks and some show tunes and get invaded by other "confirmed bachelors" who got stung by a mosquito and turned into flesh eating queer zombies who will break out into a choreographed dance number if a good tune comes on the radio, especially one that is being held over one's head in an all out "Say Anything" moment.
Stereotypes galore, I don't think this movie was to be taken seriously. Laughing at the absurd jokes and writing, this was beyond bad. The film, which apparently got many official mentions at various local film festivals looks more like a good you tube video than a bad film.
Overall, the movie per description on NetFlix was captivating, the movie wasn't... although I could not turn away from this little film that didn't.

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