Never Let Me Go (2010)

Jenny - RATING: 4/5
How would I feel if I knew my life could end at any moment? They could take away a vital organ and I would be done... That is what this movie did; it made me think about loving someone or something especially with a glimmer of hope that you could stop it, and living your short life like that. Every moment is precious even if you are born to donate. This was an all around good movie that evokes thoughts on your own life.

Elisabeth - RATING: 5/5
Such a heart-wrenching movie on all levels. Everything about this movie was just perfect in my opinion. The cinemaphotography, the acting, the direction...everything. I hadn't felt quite so heartbroken for all of the characters in a movie in a very long time. Just the looks they gave spelled so much grief and knowing that it wouldn't last long. That is sad...I think even if you don't get the movie, you can't help feeling something by the end of it.

1 Response to "Never Let Me Go (2010)"

Candice Frederick said...

hmmm...this movie failed to move me like it should have. i felt very disconnected to it, and the story just wasn' fleshed out to me. really unfortunate because the concept was quite interesting.

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